Happy New Year from The Farm Studio Raku-Fired Ceramics by Pat Matheson Raku-Fired Art Work by Pat Matheson

Here you will find hand-built raku-fired ceramics by Pat Matheson.

Feel free to peruse Pat’s Gallery.
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March, 2022

Things have been a little quiet at the Farm Studio with the onset of COVID 19. Like, for most studios, it has been a trying 2 years. No matter the discipline it seems the arts have been the hardest hit – if your studio wasn’t impacted, more than likely any outside income also likely dried up. Almost all the sales events I used to take part in every year had to be cancelled /postponed indefinitely so, to date, I have no new events to promote here.

Usually in April, I am busy readying my work for the annual City of Lacombe “Encore” Art Show and Sale event featuring many local artists but it has been scrubbed for the 3rd year in a row now unfortunately. Other upcoming events are still keeping silent – possibly a reaction to last summer’s fiasco with the loosening of all provincial COVID restrictions and its subsequent fallout. My guess is everyone is waiting to see if we as a province repeat that or we can actually move forward without fear of a host of new reported COVID cases.

I will likely be organizing my annual “The Farm Studio and Friends” SUMMER SALE on Saturday, August 20th if all goes well over the next few months. Last summer, we were able to go ahead with it by maintaining strict COVID protocols and it was a huge success – 23 artists with work ranging from painting to woodwork, glass, textiles and of course ceramics to name just a few art and craft people that were here. May this year’s be even bigger and better!

I will post any sales events that could come up between now and August 20th so check back here occasionally but until then, feel free to contact me if you would like to drop by the studio or just find out more about me!
~ Pat Matheson

September, 2019

I'm helping organize the annual "Artisan Market" at the Red Deer Museum and Art Gallery (MAG)! It's a multi-artist Seasonal Art Show and Sale. Its on Friday evening, November 15th (5-8 pm) and all day Saturday (10am - 4pm), November 16th. There will be approximately 24 artists participating in it this year and we get to use every public space inside the building - from exhibition galleries, multi-purpose spaces and, as a unique component to the MAG, we even get to set up throughout their "Remarkable Red Deer" permanent display area!

Its free admission and there's a bit of a gala reception on the 15th. Nearby facilities are also hosting arts and crafts events - the Recreation Centre next door is hosting a Pottery/Art Club sale, the Norwegian Laft Hus between the Rec Centre and the MAG has their annual Norwegian arts, crafts and baking, etc at the same time and the senior's centre, the Golden Circle on the MAG's other side, is also planning some kind of seasonal event. The public can park in the big parking lot out front and just walk from one event to the other. It's a lot of fun for everyone.

Hope to see you there!

April, 2017

Join me in Lacombe for the 18th Annual Lacombe Art Sale and Celebration on April 21 + 22. We’ll be in the Lacombe Memorial Centre, 5214 – 50 Avenue, Lacombe, AB. Over 60 artists will be showcasing a wide range of artwork from ceramics to painting to jewelry to sculpture. Featured artist this year, is Arne Handley, a well known Alberta Potter from Medicine Hat/Markerville areas.

On Friday, April 21, the event runs from 1- 8 pm, with beer and wine available from 5 – 8 pm. On Saturday, April, 22, it runs from 11am – 5pm with beer and wine available from 2 – 4 pm. Admission to the event is $5.00 (12 and under get in free)

February, 2017

Today, I started back to work in the studio. I haven't picked up a slab of clay in 5 weeks - always feels strange for the first few minutes, like I've missed an old friend. Over the years, I've developed a habit of taking the latter part of December off as well as the month of January. Sales are non-existent and my shelves are pretty full with pieces I made before Christmas so its become a nice 'health' break. It makes me look forward to starting work again too by this time!

The new pieces will be in preparation for the first sales of the year - typically at the Lacombe Art Exhibit and Sale in mid- April (April 21 +22nd this year) in lacombe, a sale event that's always a lot of fun and often a barometer as to how the rest of the year may go for sales.

At -25˚C today, I'm sure glad I don't need to be outside firing but can stay warm in the studio just watching the winds blow the snow around out there!!!